Buying real estate offers a home buyer a unique financial opportunityThe future of real estate values increasing looks like a sure thing.

Did you know that using a buyer's agent offers substantial benefits and there is no cost to the buyer? Listed properties have the Seller pay the commissions. A buyer's agent works with the Buyer, not the Seller and has a fiduciary responsibility to place the buyer's interests above all others.

You need a knowledgeable consultant to help during the process of  negotiations, the mortgage process, inspections, the appraisal, stipulations and finally to have a successful closing.

Here are some key factors to consider before buying any property.  Research, research and then research some more.

  • Zoning:  Can you operate a busienss out of your home?  Are horses allowed? Are outbuildings allowed? Are mobile homes allowed?  Just a very few questions that affect a property
  • Market Trends: Are there foreclosures in the neighborhood? Why? Will this affect future values?
  • Survey: Most banks do not require a survey these days. Is there a survey available? Should you pay for a new survey to verify the property lines, encroachments or easements?
  • Septic System:  When was the system last serviced? Do you need to have it serviced if the Seller will not? Where is it located? Can you add on to the house with the current system?
  • Structural Defects: Do you need a home inspection? What will it cost? Who pays for repairs or upgrades prior to closing?  If a major defect is detecteed, are you still contractually obligated?
  • Disclosures: What is the property's history? Has the home ever had a fire? Has it ever had water issues? Has someone died on the property? Have there been any structural changes?
  • Covenants and Restrictions:  Are thee covenants or association dues?  If so, what are the the real and potential costs to me?  Is there an initiation fee? Can I park my pick-up truck in the driveway?  What are lawn maintenance rules? Can I put my statues in the yard? Can I park my boat in the driveway?  
  • School Information:  What are the important test scores for this school district.  ARe there plans to change the discrict line for school zones?
  • Road Changes: Are there plans to widen the roads?  Are highway changes planned that would affect my home value?  Are there commercial or industrial rezoning changes planned locally?
  • Boat Dock:  Is there a boat dock permit?  Is it valid or has it expired? Is the structure of the dock the same as what is permitted and on file at the Corps of Engineers?  Are there any current violations attached to this permit? 

These and many more questions should be closely scrutinized before committing your financial future to a property. is a helpful resource for buyers.